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Joe Gouws - Life Coach

  Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help and brave enough to ask for it.

As an avid adventurer, I live life in the present moment and continuously ask myself what it is that I want from life. It required significant changes to align my life with my values. My travel adventures assist me to find the balance and help me to achieve a level of happiness and contentment with those everyday challenges we experience. My adventures also often challenge my strengths and capabilities and stretch me as a person.

During my travels I have found a quote which had a profound impact on the way I make decisions:

“Fear is temporary, regret lives on…”

Bloukranz Bungee South Africa

Do you know that your mind is the reason why you feel unfulfilled and without confidence?

Your mind is controlling you because it’s primary function is to protect you! To break free from your comfort zone implies taking risks, creating new boundaries, living life differently and this is NOT ok with your mind. It keeps on telling you that it is too big a risk, that what you want to do is not safe and whenever you dare to think about alternatives, it creates all those doom and gloom stories.

If this sound familiar, you are controlled by fear and surprising enough, this fear is created by your own thoughts! Your first step towards changing this is to decide if the change is worth it. My guidance will assist you to dictate your life, to regain your confidence, a sense of urgency and excitement and to be bold and brave and face your fears.

When you start to believe:

  • That fear is really temporary
  • That your outer world is a reflection of your inner world
  • That your thoughts determine your actions
  • That your actions are creating your outer world

Only then you will begin to understand the power of the words:

Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think!!

There is no rush…

There is no pressure…

You have ONE wild and PRECIOUS life.

Tell me, what is your plan with it?

During our coaching conversations,
– I will be fully present,
– I will listen to you,
– I will ask many questions and
– I will keep you honest to your own truth
and together we will unwind your thoughts and get you on track with YOUR life plan!

I’m an unconventional coach, who has a passion for helping people who want to re-build their CONFIDENCE and break free from being a prisoner of your mind!

Stop letting your mind
talk you out of who you are becoming!
For Powerful Coaching, Contact me Now!

Powerful Coaching
Be brave enough to ask for help

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