Powerful Coaching

Powerful Coaching
Positive thoughts bring positive outcomes!

Do you think that powerful coaching can be of help?
If you have some big decisions on the horizon, it could be pretty overwhelming and scary unless you have the ability to control how you think about it. How do you remain positive when the reality is overwhelmingly negative? Is it even possible to remain rational, to look for the positive or the keep perspective when the decision you have to make could change your life completely? If this was possible, how does one do this?

Are you perhaps finding yourself in a rut at work and is not sure how to get out? Are you deeply unhappy and desperately need a change but is totally unsure how to make the change? Changing your job or career is one of the most challenging decisions in life!

Are you actively training your mind to think positively or could you benefit from some guidance through your decision process?

Your future is shaped by your mind.
What thoughts are you thinking?

Coaching can assist you to change the way you think and therefore make a huge difference to reduce your anxiety and confusion and make better decisions in life.

As your life coach, I will ask you powerful questions, listen deeply and assist you to find the answers which already lies within you…
Be prepared to provide answers to questions like:
– If you won the lottery, what would you do?
-What do you really, really want?
-For your life to be perfect, what would you have to change?
-What is missing in your life right now?

Secretly we know the answers to these questions, but are you brave enough to say it out loud, implement the changes required do what you know needs to be done?

“You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.” Oprah Winfrey.

When you were a baby, you had to cry to get what you want. If you didn’t, your parents probably thought you didn’t want anything. The same applies when you grow up. The world doesn’t just hand you what you want unless you ask and fight for it.

Are you courageous and brave enough to face the unknown and for a short while find the freedom and joy in the process of exploration? Life has more to offer than we realize…

Online coaching offers many, but 2 specific advantages:

You could try and use the excuse that you don’t have the time? I am a traveling coach who is frequently in different world time zones. My time is not your time… Your 3 pm might be my 11 am or your 4 am might be 9 pm… Get the picture? The point is that you choose a time which fits into your schedule and I adapt as close that as possible. You might only have time available for coaching between 4 am and 5 am. This is before the rest of the house wakes up and your workday begins. At night you might be too tired. This is no problem for me as it could very well be only 4 pm in the afternoon for me.

The second advantage it offers is convenience. You can have your coaching sessions from the comfort of your home, or the privacy of a library, or your office desk during lunch hour, or the back seat in the local Mc Donalds. Of course, you need reasonable internet connectivity for the online session, but wherever you feel comfortable or where it is convenient for you.

I am ready to assist you in creating that new reality you are so desperately seeking.

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