About me

Coach Joe Gouws

In order to move forward,
you need to change something…

When one goes through significant life changes, you gain insight into difficult situations and get experience in how to make choices.

I too had to make some pretty hairy decisions and changes in my life.

It all started with acknowledging that everything was not OK.

I was fortunate in having more than I could ever have dreamed for, but still all was not OK. Great professional career with a great team and loads of responsibility, beautiful family, beautiful home, great cars… It was all going for me.

It was only after I took the courage to acquire the guidance of a coach, that I was able to see the wood from the trees.

Once I recognized what is really important in life to me, and not to everybody around me, I could start making changes.

Now, in my case the changes were quite severe and to be very honest difficult, painful and scary. Over a period of almost 10 years, I have been changing my life from full time corporate professional living a traditional work-family life, to nomadic tour guide, coach and teacher often living from my tent for months at a time!

I travel the world and fuel my core values of adventure and helping people around me.

I thought I needed to be in control?
In fact, I needed to be free!

Control was killing me.

I thought I needed to manage and lead?
What I really needed was to serve in a more relaxed environment!

This is exactly what I am doing now.

It is because of the guidance I received that I am now in a position to offer similar guidance to you. My training and life experiences have given me the insight and knowledge to carefully and with respect assist others to find the changes that lures within.

I will not change you. You will be changing yourself!